Don’t let the lack of a down payment stop you from your homeownership dream

Preconceived ideas often keep us from investigating further. In the case of down payment assistance, ideas like “it’s difficult to qualify” or “Assistance programs are no longer funded” prevent potential buyers from exploring all viable paths to homeownership. Or how about “Down payment assistance is only for inexpensive Homes” don’t let these notions or myths deter you from looking into the possibility of qualifying for these funds and achieving the homeownership dream.


When Realtors and lenders hold misconceptions about programs, it often prevents homebuyers from better understanding their options. This is why it is important that you deal with a reputable lender that has the experience with the down payment assistance programs in your state. More renters and first time homebuyer’s still living with the parents are now thinking about purchasing a home and it’s never been a better time. Many of these first time homebuyers have the income and credit qualifications to buy a home, but simply need to overcome the down payment hurdle. Home prices, along with down payments, are increasing, and assistance programs can help make buying a home as affordable as possible.


Today’s homebuyers are doing significant online research before beginning their home buying search. Now is a great time to fully understand the real story behind down payment assistance.


Down payment assistance can help boost homebuyers’ purchasing power, help buyers retain a solid cash reserve for home improvements and other moving costs.


An experienced down payment assistance lender will be able to help you navigate through the questions and concerns and put you on a path sooner than you dreamed was possible to home ownership.